Each one of our Iberian products are the result of know-how and respect for tradition that have resulted in high quality pieces, all this together with innovation and technique in the development process.

That is why we endorse the main approvals and certifications:

  • We are members of the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen de Guijuelo (Regulatory Council of Denomination of Guijuelo Origin.).
  • We count with the ISO 9001: 2008 from Quality Management System.
  • We are certified by Calicer accordance with the requirements of the Quality Standard for meat, ham, palette and loin cane.
  • We are authorized to use the brand “Tierra de sabor” in agrifood products produced in Castilla y León.
  • We are in the list FACE, Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España (Celiac Associations Federation of Spain), with our gluten-free products.

We belong to Tierra de Sabor


In Nieto Martin we worry that our products meet the expectations and quality demanded by our customers, example of this is the presence in the mark Tierra de sabor (Taste Land), quality assurance of products made in Castilla and Leon, our best elaborations: Iberian acorn ham, Iberian bait ham, Iberian acorn palette, Iberian bait palette, Iberian acorn loin and Iberian bait loin.


Member of C.R.D.O Guijuelo


Nieto Martin Sausages and Iberian Products is part of the Regulatory Council Designation of Guijuelo Origin continues working day by day to get Iberian acorn or bait ham and palettes keep that chacinera tradition. Raising pigs on pasture, feeding on acorns and subsequent healing and development with careful quality controls contribute to these hams a unique taste and aroma, making it a very select and exclusive product to the palate. Enjoy the flavor and quality of our Iberian acorn hams and Iberian bait hams certified by the O.D. Guijuelo.


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