Our company

Nieto Martin Sausages and Iberian Products


We are a small family company founded in 1925, located in Guijuelo, province of Salamanca.

Over the years our way of making has been adapting to the new technologies and manufacturing processes to provide a greater quality to our customers without sacrificing for that the flavors of the traditional Iberian products of a natural cure.

At this stage of the calendar our company has seen for its ranks four generations dedicated to the development world of the Iberian pork related products.

In every time and every season, we have tried to learn and do things the best with the belief that if we did not do well, we would have no chance of making us a niche in a competitive industry like ours. And here we keep on…

Nieto Martin grows because our market demands it that way, to the artisan we add new technologies that both can contribute in making our Iberian products.

We are in Guijuelo, the best place in the world for this noble industry. Another four generations, have been consuming, what we did. Thank you for making this continue!


We belong to Tierra de Sabor


In Nieto Martin we worry that our products meet the expectations and quality demanded by our customers, example of this is the presence in the mark Tierra de sabor (Taste Land), quality assurance of products made in Castilla and Leon, our best elaborations: Iberian acorn ham, Iberian bait ham, Iberian acorn palette, Iberian bait palette, Iberian acorn loin and Iberian bait loin.



Member of C.R.D.O Guijuelo


Nieto Martin Sausages and Iberian Products is part of the Regulatory Council Designation of Guijuelo Origin continues working day by day to get Iberian acorn or bait ham and palettes keep that chacinera tradition. Raising pigs on pasture, feeding on acorns and subsequent healing and development with careful quality controls contribute to these hams a unique taste and aroma, making it a very select and exclusive product to the palate. Enjoy the flavor and quality of our Iberian acorn hams and Iberian bait hams certified by the O.D. Guijuelo.


Embutidos y productos Ibéricos Nieto Martín
Natural: (adj) which is prepared, unmixed artificial elements and without which humans alter what nature has produced.

Accordingly to this, when we make a sausage and we put to it: Fresh meat of Iberian pork, salt, paprika, garlic and some spice, depends on the sausage, then we have every right to say and to boast that our product is Natural

These natural products, require the maximum care in their curing let him do slowly, with great care. Doing that way the things, after the necessary time we will obtain an exquisite product worthy of the most demanding tables. That sausage that brings to your mind the tastes and flavors of your childhood snacks. Those you thought you never would recover.


All products are suitable for celiac

We use Natural Additives to maintain the Traditional flavor
of Our Elaborations


¿Does anyone not know the Iberian pig,
pork, “gocho”, “cochino” or “marrano” yet?


Whatever you call it, the pig is a profitable and tasty animal from beginning to end. Its various meats support a culinary variety in their preparation as few other species. Here we have managed to make the most of this generous animal, whom we thank for one day we got in our way. The different products that we can be found depending on the breed of Iberian pig are:


Recognize labeling of Iberian products


100% Iberian Acorn


Tagged with black seal are those animals with 100% genetic purity of Iberian race.

Animals that spend the last 60 days of his life roaming freely in the pastures and in their growth phase are fed exclusively on acorns, tubers and grass.


Iberian Acorn


With red seal are pigs with at least 50% Iberian race.

Animals that spend the last 60 days of his life roaming freely in the pastures and in their growth phase are fed exclusively on acorns, tubers and grass.


Iberian Countryside Bait


Pigs raised freely in the pastures and fed with feed and grass in their growth phase, they must be at least 50% Iberian race. The marking of the pieces will be in the slaughterhouse with green precincts.


Iberian Bait


Animals with at least 50% Iberian race whose feed is exclusively based on feed in intensive farms. The pieces are marked under white seals in the sacrifice establishment.